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I'm currently in my final year at The University of Bristol studying Politics and Sociology. I started out wanting mainly to be an actor after joining the National Youth Theatre in 2013, however after writing and directing theatre at uni I have become very interested in creating theatre, film and long form tv content.

I recently co-wrote a character in a show 'Butterfly' at VAULTS theatre festival where I played an Elizabethan lesbian women, receiving good reviews by DIVA mag and the Guardian. I am very interested in film/tv that interrogates how people come to present themselves the way they do and finding comedy/tragedy in that (sounds a bit pretentious but hey).

The film/TV makers I really look up to are Celine Sciamma, Sean Meadows and for writing, Noah Baumbach/Greta Gerwig films. I am currently deciding whether I want to do a masters in filmmaking/script writing. Bit apprehensive about the whole choosing what to do next.


Anna Fenton-Garvey 

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