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In 2017-2019 I took a Master of Fine Art in Animation at Edinburgh College of Art, focusing on stop motion and hand drawn 2D animation.


My undergraduate (2012-2016) in Performing Arts Design at Malmö University, Sweden, involved set design, lighting and sound which led to my interest in stop motion. During this time I spent one semester at an art school in India (2014) where I also studied different types of animation and illustration.


While studying in Edinburgh I worked part time as an in house animator at the Scottish fashion company Strathberry.


Since my graduation I have been doing freelance works for Swedish public service television and the University of Oxford.

My passion for animation covers both stop motion and 2D, I also prefer not to limit myself to one style but to experiment, using different styles depending on what the film is meant to convey.

Jennifer Berglund 

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